Get undivided attention and applied
from a resourceful problem solver


Bringing drive, focus and ingenuity in tackling your communication issues

Responsiveness matters

Need an effective internal communications roadmap? Support with your acquisition, merger or culture harmonization strategy? What about a persuasive internal campaign for one of your flagship projects? I take action swiftly, independently or by assembling a top tier team of creatives.

Envision, strategize and act

Let us handle the communication side of your organizational challenges, strategic announcements or key employee initiatives. Rely on our proven expertise while you focus on other facets of your business agenda. We will help build your brand internally, energize your organization and bring an emotional connection to your corporate messaging.

Creating positive effects
on your organization's
culture and operations.

We meet, discuss, share, align and deliver

Lead consultant

Tactfully unconventional,
with purpose and ethics

My name is Christian Tardif

An energetic and versatile hands-on communication strategist, I have a multidisciplinary mind. I thrive on envisioning the future state, on bringing people to collaborate and on delivering tangible communication plans, programs and strategies to improve your company's alignment and performance. I act as a catalyst for change, helping you optimize your communication channels and messages and rapidly making things noticeably better and easier for your organization.

Contributing to an engaged workplace

A strong communicator with a solid track record, including at executive level, I connect with and relate to senior leaders and their challenges. I believe that clear, consistent and honest communication improve employees' ability to adapt to new challenges and markets, and to better engage with customers, thus enhancing your organisation's reputation.

We help your employees develop
a powerful emotional connection
to the products and services they sell.

We support your leaders in conveying
powerful ideas and messages


Translating business
ambitions into compelling visual communication

A network of savvy creators, makers and doers

We provide outstanding quality advice, content, designs, messages, plans and roadmaps. We deploy practical internal communication tools to your key internal audiences. And we contribute to bringing meaningful information to employees throughout your organization. Above all, we assist you with our network of highly skilled and passionate professionals, including copywriters, creative directors, photographers, social media strategists and videographers, in developing communication material to further drive your company's growth agenda and focus.

Opening the lines of communication

As your business evolves, it is essential that your employees support and embrace the changes ahead. We help employees connect to your business strategies, challenges and successes. Our efforts are aimed at creating an understanding of your organisation's direction, enhancing alignment and boosting engagement, so employees can adapt effectively to the changing environment.

We aim to help you communicate
what really matters and enable
company-wide conversations.

Building a favorable internal reputation


Helping your employees live
your brand from the inside-out

Strong business content in your brand image and identity

We understand that your internal reputation impacts your perception in the marketplace. We will work with your team to develop robust communication assets and deliverables like for instance, CEO announcements, key messages and talking points for leaders, at-a-glance strategy overview and narrative, quick reference guide for key initiatives, managers' toolkit, video scripts, advertisings for internal campaigns and presentations. With engaging content and design work, this helps ensure positive employee experience, thus better internal reputation.

Maintaining a connection with your employees

We support you in employee engagement, internal branding and communications, as well as organizational alignment and change management. We can capture the attention of your employees with relevant, compelling visual content and influential campaigns, engaging your critical audiences globally by contributing to:

  • Building trust and company pride
  • Helping employees embrace your strategy
  • Enhancing organizational alignment
  • Supporting line managers with valuable tools
  • Activating a purposeful culture internally

Turning your employees
into truly active
brand ambassadors.

Fostering strong business alignment

Brand experience

A sample of companies
we have worked with

Netherlands based,
internationally paced

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Please get in touch with us. We are keen to discuss and align on your internal communication and organizational needs, and on how we can support you in further engaging your workforce and in helping your employees deepen their connection to your company.

Christian Tardif
Lead consultant

Jacob van Lennepkade, 153
1054 ZL, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 11 58 30 05